why hunt ARKANSAS?

Before the hunt

ducks in flight


The days of throwing out a couple dozen hand-me-down decoys and leaving them out the entire season are long gone. Alpha Waterfowl has a large variety of decoys that are well maintained and picked up after each group leaves. From an early season teal and gadwall presentation to a late season pintail and mallard spread, Alpha has what it takes to get it done. Time is spent scouting not just the farm but the entire area to be able to replicate exactly what the birds are doing.


Keeping your blind hidden is very important as the season progresses and the birds grow leary. All blinds are 16' pits with dual dog boxes. The pits are clean, spacious and comfortable. The pit blinds are buried into field roads where they blend in and provide easy access. In most all occasions, while hunting with AWF, waders are not required. Most all our hunters wear mud boots for comfort and ease.

During the hunt

small groups of hunters

Small groups

Less is more, especially in the field. Personalised attention helps deliver more value for your money.

Expert tips

Straighten the learning curve by tapping into C.W.'s 25+ years of duck hunting experience.

After the hunt

mounted mallard

Processing & mounting

Gumbo or a l'Orange, duck makes for some fine eats. Getting your birds ready for the skillet is key to cullinary success.

Let C.W. recommend a local taxidermist who can immortalize your hunt. You'll be glad you did.


Good times or quiet times, C.W. knows what it takes to entertain in the true Southern fashion.

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