C.W. Toombs

"Duck hunting and operating a guide service are my passion. I take what I do very personal. From decoy strategy to properly resting my farms. Sometimes that merely isn't enough. After all it is hunting. I've had days where I couldn't keep ducks out of my spreads and I've had days I've not fired a shot. It's hunting. With that said, I do the absolute best with what I've got and have been fortunate thus far with my success rates.

I'm not fool enough to promise limits but I can promise you comfortable accommodations and that I'll do the absolute best that I can to ensure your hunt is memorable, comfortable and safe!"

C.W. Toombs
Owner/Guide Alpha Waterfowl Farms
(870) 253-3827

C.W. was born and raised in Northeast Arkansas and has been hunting ever since with a love of duck hunting and bird dogs. His love of the outdoors and knowledge of the area puts him in a league all his own. He has brought all this together to offer a complete bird hunting experience.

Growing up only miles from Claypool Reservoir he has spent most of his hunting seasons in the area hunting ducks. From hunting in the finest of pits to laying in the muddy water he will stop at nothing to kill his limit and will work his hardest to make sure his customers have a truly memorable experience. He began guiding duck hunts in the area in 1998, working part time in school and has guided every since. "Its always just been a way of life for me."

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